"R" Tenets

YAH Elohim is One;

Our ONLY Saviour & Redeemer

YAH Elohim is our ONLY Saviour & Redeemer. HE  created the heavens & the earth alone. Besides HIM there is none else!

YAH has Sons & Daughters & HE has chosen the Children of Yisrael as HIS firstborn

YAH chose the Children of  Yisrael to be a Kingdom of Priests & SET-APART Nation.

King David is Our Anointed, Everlasting Ruler, Shepherd, Prince of Peace & Begotten Son of YAH

King David's kingdom & throne shall be established forever.

Chronologically, we are waiting for specific prophecies to be fulfilled

Many prophecies have been fulfilled and others have not. It is important that we re-align ourselves to know where we are at this point in time so we can be on the look out for what is to come in the future.

YAH's Calendar

YAH made the Sun, the Moon & the Stars for signs, seasons, days & years

Observe the month of the Abib (in the Spring), as the first month and beginning of the year. 

No Man Can Die for Another Man's Sin

Human sacrifice is an abomination. Every person is held accountable for their own sins.

Isaiah 7:14

 The Son who was conceived of a virgin [i.e., young woman] as a sign from YAH was the Prophet Isaiah's son, who his wife the prophetess, bore unto him

YAH gave the prophet Isaiah and his sons for signs and wonders in Israel.

The Children of Yisrael include the melanated, wooly haired descendants of slaves [who were made in the spiritual image of YAH] &  scattered to the four corners of the earth

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/TaNaKh is the SET-APART Scripture of TRUTH, Cultural History & Moral Compass for the People of YAH.

Genesis 1-2

The 7th "DAY" of the week is the Sabbath "DAY". It is a SET-APART "DAY" to cease work and to worship and praise

The Most High YAH 

YAH created the heavens, the earth and all the host of them in 6 days, and then HE ceased work and sanctified the 7 th day. 

Deut. 18:15-19

The prophet who YAH raised up, from the midst and brethren of the Israelites, like unto Moses, was Joshua

Joshua was the prophet who was raised up to speak all that YAH commanded. Moses put his hands and some of his honor upon Joshua and gave him a charge before all the congregation.


Isaiah 9:6-7

King Hezekiah was the Child born unto us


Son given unto us whose government was upon his shoulders

There were many anointed deliverers in Israel and King Hezekiah was one of them.

Genesis 15

The 400 Year Inheritance Prophecy has been fulfilled

The covenant YAH made with Abraham and his seed in Genesis 15 was fulfilled with the Exodus out of Egypt & the Conquest of the Promise Land.

Deut. 28:68

YAH brought the Children of Yisrael back into bondage via ships by way of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Micah 5:2-6

King Hezekiah was the one who came forth out of Bethlehem Ephratah unto YAH, to rule in Israel and be the peace when the Assyrians came

King Hezekiah was the anointed deliverer who Micah prophesied about.


"I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways, I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word" (Psalms 119:15-16).

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